The Bucket List



  1. Make a bucket list
  2. Swim under a waterfall
  3. Enter an artwork for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition
  4. Experience a Hamman in Marrakech
  5. Learn to sail –
  6. Do the Midnight walk for Ashgate Hospice 6 miles then 10 miles
  7. Paint in the South of France
  8. Have a cocktail at the Savoy
  9. Take a 2nd Degree in Art History
  10. Be a photographic model – well have a professional photo taken other than my school/uni pics or my wedding photos
  11. Glamp in a Yurt at Glastonbury Festival
  12. Go to Champneys
  13. Have a short story published then write a book
  14. Make out in a public place
  15. Change someone’s life for the better
  16. Sleep in a 4 poster in a Castle without a bed full of kids
  17. Roll down Tapton Hill on bubble wrap
  18. Learn a Latin American dance – or relearn
  19. Go to the Sahara and feast with the Bedouins
  20. Dine and stay at le Manoir aux quat’saisons
  21. Learn to belly dance in Tunisia
  22. Be an extra in a film
  23. lunch at Claridges
  24. Dance with Anton du Bek failing that – go to a tea dance at the Palm Court & wing it with a gorgeous man
  25. Try Surströmming
  26. Become 9 stone and fit
  27. Stay at the George V in Paris
  28. Be asked out on a date
  29. Make an unusual friend
  30. Walk the length of Southend pier without a stick
  31. Attend La Tomatina in Valencia
  32. Stay at the St Pancras Hotel or at least have a coffee inside
  33. See the Taj Mahal
  34. Buy something just for me that is not on sale, discounted or 2nd hand and not feel guilty
  35. Holiday in Bali/far East gen
  36. Ride the Tran Siberian Express 1st choice) Orient Express (2nd Choice)
  37. Have a wine tasting lesson
  38. Make love all day and all night
  39. Drink more champagne
  40. Take charge
  41. Float in the Dead Sea
  42. Have someone make me breakfast in bed
  43. Watch a perfect sunset
  44. See the Woolworth and Chrysler buildings in NYC – visit MOMA
  45. Ride the London Eye
  46. Swim naked
  47. Go to Rio
  48. Have a jazz singing lesson
  49. Drink champagne in the champagne region
  50. Spend an afternoon in the roof top spa in Bath
  51. Get a full waxing (not including cranial area)
  52. Experience Diwali in India
  53. learn to play the ukulele/mandolin
  54. Visit Rome with and Eloise
  55. Ride a segway
  56. Have a Thai massage in Thailand
  57. Drive along the Amalfi coast in an Alpha Romeo
  58. Buy a ring for the third finger of my right hand from Tiffany’s
  59. Have a Singapore Sling in Raffles
  60. Tea at the Ritz
  61. Watch Horse racing at a track in a cool hat – Ascot?
  62. Do something I think is very naughty!
  63. Own a Chanel bag – even if I just rent it for a day
  64. Tick something off someone else’s bucket list
  65. Spend New Years Eve in Edinburgh
  66. Go to Bora Bora
  67. Learn to speak fluent French
  68. Finally illustrate Chicca Munka the children’s book
  69. Retire to the South of France or my beloved Italy!
  70. Make love on a boat
  71. Visit a Casino preferably in Monte Carlo
  72. Have someone else organise a holiday for once
  73. Punt on the Cam again
  74. Help set up and design a range of outfits for Eloise’s coffee shop
  75. Experience a moment of sublime happiness
  76. Walk in high heels again
  77. Follow my heart
  78. Be cuddled (kids don’t count!)
  79. Have the perfect picnic
  80. Find my home





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