Singing a sweeter tune


It has been a while since I updated this site. Neither of my beloved parents are with us now, and my wonderful Mother-in-Law, Liz has lost her long battle against cancer and joined them.

My son now towers over his mother and sister, the latter surprising herself by doing extremely well in her first year exams at the University of Westminster, reading English Literature and creative writing. My parents would have been so proud of her, Mummy in particular, as she loved English literature. I am immensely proud of Eloise in every way (ignoring untidiness and her love of sleep). Ali is being cared for wonderfully at Parkside Community School. His alternative way of seeing life means that presently GCSEs are not within his skill set. Instead he is taking a qualification called Life Skills which helps get him up to speed with literature and mathematics (he love maths), plus IT, art and domestic science. All good. He has a fabulous 1:1. “Miss” Right if you are reading this, we adore you!

I continue to improve albeit slowly and the chronic nerve attacks are far less frequent, although waking up in the night because the foot you can’t actually feel has the sensation of being scorched is not my favourite thing at 4 am! But I have learned some stretching exercises for my back which stops the  cauda equina being pinched and alleviates the symptoms.

I now work mainly from home, setting my own hours to slot in treatments and rest. It has greatly improved my quality of life as sitting at a desk, even on the special chair that was kindly bought for me, ended every day in the worst kind of pain. If you can find a way to work and look after yourself you will continue to improve. I know I am.