The canary sings


One thing I am blessed with is good friends and loving, supportive parents. Friends that feed my mind and soul, who understand me and know that when I am told I cannot do something I will fight until I can.

Karen and Alison came over from Chester, Mark, Kikki and Clive came up from London, Tracey and Gemma popped in to see me frequently, and Maggie presented me with a lap tray and a wonderful selection of art supplies to rekindle my love of painting.

One friend, Sheree, of Visage Cosmetics, could see I needed a boost and arranged for a beautician to come and give me a pedicure. This went on for some weeks, and I gradually regained beautiful nails, experimented with eyelash extensions and even had a spray tan, standing in my garden with a bin bag over the zimmer frame! The last two I am still very dubious about…

I was Researching Cauda Equina sufferers and kept coming across the same thing. Advice on the benefits you can claim and how long they had suffered. I could not be chained to the wheelchair or trapped inside; I had my son to care for and I needed to work again. My office supplied me with a heavy old laptop so that I could write some testing scripts. I was slow! The huge amount of tablets I was taking for the pain made me sleepy and sluggish, yet I tried my best.

Sheree also recommended her Personal Trainer, Sam, the owner of Well-good , who is an ex army physio with extensive experience in back injury recuperation. Sam soon had me working with safe equipment to work my core and help me to protect my back. Later he introduced me to Ben Swain, ex Beijing Olympic diver, who now works as a soft tissue therapist for Well-good, and when I outgrew the equipment, Ben continued  to encourage me and make me achieve things I had never dreamed of, you should see me plank!

In my research I had also come across some positive results with acupuncture. From the British Acupuncture Councils web page I found Robin Croley, who is helping to stimulate nerve growth amongst other things. My supportive parents have funded this, initially with great enthusiasm by my beloved and much missed Mummy, now continued by my dear Dad.

All these people are part of my life and I now see as my friends.



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